Humongous Fan || High-Efficiency HVLS Ceiling Fans

Humongous Fan builds the best really big ceiling fans. Our ceiling fans are ideal for industrial, agricultural, commercial or personal applications where you need a huge fan to move a lot of air. Call us today to learn why Humongous Fan is the best value for high-efficiency HVLS fans. Get a Humongous Fan without a Big Ass price.

Better Blades, Better Fan, Best Price, Best Value
Traditional HVLS Fan, Big Ass Fan Price


  • Our blades use twist and taper to account for the difference in rotational speeds at the base of the blade versus the tip of the blade
  • On a twenty foot fan the tip of the blade has a rotational speed that is ten times as fast as the base
  • If your fan has the same diameter and the same angle of attack along the entire length of its blades, loss of efficiency will occur along a parabolic trend line
  • Your Humongous Fan moves more air at every RPM speed, allowing you to move more air at slower speeds, using less energy.
  • Start your savings with a smaller investment, and get greater returns through greater efficiencies