Humongous Fan

High Efficiency Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans

Humongous Fan builds high-efficiency HVLS fans. For big fan destratification and summer cooling, Humongous Fan is your best value in the marketplace. Contact us to learn more or to get a quote within 1 business day.

Save During Summer

In hot weather feel the relief of a Humongous Fan’s ability to maximize the evaporative cooling properties of perspiration on skin by moving a big, slow current of air.

Air Quality

A single sixteen-foot Humongous Fan will improve the air qualtity dramatically for 5,000 ft sq of floorspace. 

That means less moisture damage, fewer problems from mildew and mold, less dust hovering in the air, and an all-round healthier environment. 

A Humongous Fan puts control back into your hands.

Save During Winter

In cold weather a Humongous Fan drives warm air that rises to the ceiling back down to the floor, allowing you to set the heater lower and still achieve the same temperature at floor-level, all without creating a draft.

Comfort is Safety

Discomfort costs money. 

When people are uncomfortable they become distracted and mistakes happen more frequently. 

A Humongous Fan will help you minimize mistake-driven costs by empowering your ability to control your work-environment and to keep your employees comfortable and safe.