8 Foot Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans by Humongous Fan

Perfect for smaller or long & narrow spaces 

HVLS Fan Specifications

Product details, power, mounting, & more

This product brochure and guide will help you to start planning for your HVLS Fan by Humongous Fan. For more info give us a call to start discussing how we can help you save money year-round: (216) 663-8830


Whether you are battling the heat, the cold, concrete sweating, or the HVAC energy bills, Humongous Fans brings relief for years with the proper HVLS fan system.  You will find an overview of application types, product variants

accessories, and customization options.

1 Phase Options

110V - 120V

208V - 240V

3 Phase Options

208V - 240V

460V - 480V

Input Power Options

Controller Type

NEMA 1 Wall Mounted VFD w/Safety Disconnect

On/Off Toggle and Speed Pot.

Multi-Fan controller available

  • Brushed Aluminium (Standard)

  • Red, Green, White, Black,  Blue, Yellow

  • High Durability Custom Patterned Blade Coverings

Color Options

Mounting Options

Direct Mount - Standard or I-Beam

3 ft & 6 ft Mounting Extensions

with Angle Bracket

Safety Features

Safety Cable

Hub Clips

Hub Retainer

Blade Collars

Integrated Sprinkler Shut-Off


5-year Warranty

All components

Complete warranty coverage information is provided in the Humongous Fan Installer Manual.



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