CASE STUDY: Southeast SolarPros

industrial HVLS Fan for warehouse space

What Is Southeast SolarPros

Solar panel supplier in South Carolina. 


The Problem

"The warehouse space we rent is not air-conditioned, and Columbia, SC is the hottest place on the planet.  We wanted some relief but didn’t want to deal with portable fans and the hassle and noise our neighbor was encountering. I considered your fan and the two competitors, but I liked your design the best because of the variable pitch blades and constant airflow rate across the blades."

Southeast SolarPros needed a way to cool their warehouse space without the use of regular high-speed fans which are extremely loud and cumbersome. They decided to try a Humongous Fan, a silent breeze that you never have to move and is super easy to control. 

The Solution

"Everyone who sees it in operation, and walks through our warehouse, loves it and wants one like it.  It is silent and creates a constant breeze of about 5 mph. Using only ½ hp, it is certainly more efficient than the six noisy fans my neighbor is using and constantly moving, to perform a job only half as well.  I love my Humongous Fan!"

The Humongous Fan in their space works perfectly for them. It is silent and keeps their employees cool all summer long with a silent breeze. More comfort for employees means more efficient work, increased productivity, and a positive ROI, along with energy savings year-round! 


Save money with Humongous Fan

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