Industrial Fans (HVLS)

Industrial fans also known as HVLS (high volume low speed) fans are fantastic options to move massive amounts of air in large commercial, industrial, retail, and even residential spaces.

You may need an HVLS fan to cool your space in the summer, destratify stagnant warm air in the winter, or for many other applications such as concrete condensation issues.

While there are many HVLS options on the market, we’ll make your decision quite a bit easier as we explain Humongous Fans’ humongous advantage.

Humongous Fan manufactures HVLS fans in the United States of America that were engineered to perform, specifically to outperform the other fans available today. Humongous Fan fan blades are unique from the rest of the HVLS fans you may have seen online or in person. This major distinguishment provides the major difference in airflow, efficiency, temperature control and thousands of dollars in savings of the course of the year!

Humongous Fan fan blades are designed to be widest near the hub as you can see from the images and videos found in this article. This design strategy was orchestrated to match the propeller design found on the most efficient blades in the world which can be found on airplanes, windmills, and even regular old house fans.

Why don’t other HVLS fan makers use this blade method? Well they’ve been making the same product for 20 plus years but in 2007, Humongous Fan said there has to be a better way, and so the Humongous Fan fan line was born.

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Humongous Fan offers a full line of top-tier HVLS fans for spaces of any size. The fan collection has 8 foot fans, 12 foot fans, 16 foot fans, and 20 foot fans. This variety of blade sizes along with other modifications and customizations allows HF to provide the perfect fans for many customers in many states within many different industries.

Learn more about Humongous Fans fan options by requesting a customized quote today!

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