CASE STUDY: Atturo Tire Co.

industrial HVLS Fan for warehouse space

What Is Atturo Tire?

A warehouse space used for tire storage, shipping & manufacturing.


The Problem

"Our warehouse guys used to complain that it was almost 90 degrees near the ceiling and a chilly 60 degrees on the floor. Conditions were making it hard for them to perform their jobs. We were considering the installation of more hanging heaters in the warehouse since we have brutal winters and humid summers in the Chicago area."

Atturo Tire's Warehouse Space was wasting energy trying to pump the massive space with warm air to keep employees comfortable. But the problem was that warm was simply not getting destratifed well enough, there was enough of it but it was sitting on the ceiling. And during the summers a similar problem was occurring but vice versa, the floor temps were not staying cool enough.

The Solution

"Humongous Fan saved the day! After installing our Humongous Fan there was a big difference in our warehouse. You could immediately feel the hot air coming down from the ceiling in our tire warehouse! 

We’re looking forward to a second purchase for our additional warehouse space. The fan stays on 24 hours for months on end with no problem. We have no worries at night when no one is around because it’s connected through an Auto shut off to our fire alarm system. Every employee has personally thanked me for installing the Humongous Fan.

It is most certain we are saving money on our heat bill since we now have an even temperature
throughout the building from top to bottom. Don’t believe the hype with the other big fan overpriced companies because I am living testimony of how well this fan works for us!"

Humongous Fan HVLS Fan worked perfectly for the tire warehouse space. The temperatures throughout the building were unified as the fan destratified the sitting warm air that was at the ceiling. Atturo Tire was able to not only able to provide their employees much more comfortable and enjoyable working conditions but also save money every month on their energy bills.



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