CASE STUDY: Bailey's Health & Fitness Gym

industrial HVLS Fan for warehouse space

What Is Bailey's?

A health and fitness club gym.


The Problem

"In the highly competitive world of fitness training, client comfort is a major consideration.  Once we discovered the style, performance, and efficiency of Humongous Fan, changing from our previous big fan supplier was an easy decision." 

Bailey's had a big fan supplier that just wasn't cutting it, there were constantly issues and they needed to find a big fan manufacturer that would provide better performance, for a better price, and better energy savings - a bigger lifetime value! 

The Solution

"Since installing Humongous Fans in our facilities our clients have commented that they appreciate the increased air movement and comfort these fans provide.  We will definitely partner with Humongous Fan for all our future projects"

Bailey's decided to switch to Humongous Fan and their HVLS Fan needs and they haven't looked back since. Humongous Fan was able to keep their customers cooler and provide more efficient energy savings with a more efficient and higher value fan. 


Save money with Humongous Fan

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