CASE STUDY: Westhampton Arch Glass

industrial HVLS Fan for warehouse space

What Is WesthamptoN?

A manufacturing facility of architectural glass


The Problem

"We were building a brand new manufacturing facility and while in the designing stages we were concerned with temperatures in the factory area."

When designing facilities with massive floor spaces and high ceilings temperature control is always a concern, blasting the HVAC will be ineffective and inefficient causing poor performance and ridiculous costs. A Humongous Fan in the space is the perfect way to improve temperatures with a nice breeze in the summer and heat destratification in the winter. 

The Solution

"We researched a number of HVLS systems and we liked the specs we saw for the Humongous Fans.  At first, our employees were skeptical that these fans would cool the whole place. But after experiencing it first hand, they are now believers!​"

Humongous Fan's Fan in their space shocked their employees, the efficiency and effectiveness of the breeze the fan creates is hard to understand until you feel it. The fan was able to cool their entire space, improving working conditions for employees and improving productivity


Save money with Humongous Fan

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