CASE STUDY: Old City Millwork

industrial HVLS Fan for warehouse space

What Is Old City Millwork

Cabinetry & millwork manufacturing.


The Problem

"After 12 years in business, we decided it was time to renovate a 20,000 square-foot shop floor, making it a more efficient and comfortable space for our employees."

Old City Millwork was renovating their manufacturing space and needed fans to make their spare more bearable to work in. They were expecting a bit of an improvement but what they soon came to realize was just how much of a difference Humongous Fans make.

The Solution

"Your fans played a big part in meeting that goal.  While we anticipated the new fans would make life on the shop floor a bit more pleasant, I was surprised just how big an improvement they provided. Employees came to me, thanking me for the purchase of the fans. Everyone was much happier. Our only regret is not installing them years sooner. ​​​

I should add how responsive you and your team were when one set of fan blades arrived damaged in transit. You asked no questions and immediately sent out a replacement set. We were up and running in no time. I sure appreciated that quick response. 

Should we add additional square footage you can count on another order of fans from us. Thanks for everything."



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