CASE STUDY: BedRock Orlando

industrial HVLS Fan for Masonry supplier

What Is BEdrock Orlando?

BedRock is an American masonry supplier in Florida. Providing bricks, stones, custom masonry & more. 


The Problem

BedRock Orlando is located in central Florida, obviously. Laborious work in Florida heat, especially in the middle of summer can be extremely debilitating for both the comfort and safety of employees. 


"We were concerned about the effects of the Florida heat and humidity on our staff. It was unreasonable to consider air conditioning in our multiple locations due to the nature of our business but we were committed to doing something to alleviate the heat-related stressors."

The Solution

Installing Humongous Fan HVLS Fans in the loading bays of BedRock was able to drastically improve the working conditions of the staff both by providing a strong breeze and create an atmosphere that felt significantly cooler all day long.


"We were so pleased with the volume of air our Humongous Fans delivered - all our employees expressed their appreciation for the cooling effects the fans provided."

"The outcome exceeded our expectations and we have since installed Humongous Fans at our other facility. I would confidently recommend Humongous Fans to anyone seeking relief from the summer heat!"


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